PATS - Passive Anti-thief Systems..

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PATS - Passive Anti-thief Systems..

Post by kona-ulua-style » Fri Feb 20, 2015 4:05 pm

OK if your vehicle has thes PATS... be aware..they can lock you out...and your vehicle will not start and will flash a lock out light on the dash...

I was borrowing my brother-in-laws 2007 4X4 ford ranger...and it lock me out--couldn't start the truck..
What I did was unhook one side battery for 30 minutes, rehook and waited over 3 hours...Vrooom is worked! Dealer mention is may have re-programmed it self..?

I was told Fords have a Over ride button under the driver side dash. Hold button till alarm beep
To reset, and put programmend key in ignition to on position, if the alarm chirps two times and led red light starts blinking...? Your Ford truck has been reprogram..
If still no start- need to take vehicle to ford dealer... 3 things could be wrong , for why not working..
One your key is worn out, 2 ignition is worn out, 3, Halo or anti-thef ( computer piece) not working

Spent almost half a day today..trying to fiqure this one out...had the truck tow up the coffee land hill...needed a another 4x4, got it to the highway...waited for the tow truck... I took my spare key, unprogramm...touch the insert key and it my surprise...! ,cance tow...went to dealer..

If your truck is running and no engine codes? ...they wouldn't be able to find the I took the truck home...

Aloha, ..any one else had a problem like this..?

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Re: PATS - Passive Anti-thief Systems..

Post by uplandhawaii » Mon Mar 02, 2015 6:17 pm

Newer jeeps are this way too. My old 95 ZJ did it as well, on the older jeep disconnecting the battery for a while worked as well.
HOW much is that to ship to Hawaii!!!???

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