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Kona Crab..FYI

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:44 pm
by kona-ulua-style
Kona crab...raw, kimchee style, cook or cook kimchee style... ONO! ..and if you ever get a change to eat the meat/juices from the backs... WOW... to the best part of the Kona Crab..

My son and his friend went this weekend...drop a lot of nets... one throw back...

Word is getting around the Kona Crabbing is becoming history... in Kona...
Many years ago.. Kona Fishing Tackle - AKA Donald.. along with many Commercial and recreational fisherman ( boaters)...
Ask DLNR to consider changing the CLOSED dates - Presently Jun 1 to Aug 31 of each year..

Proposal was to Keep it closed to September 31..because many of the KONA CRABS..still had eggs...

Guess what..DLNR..mention cost and getting this into law? Too much problems... UM... Now today..hardly any Kona Crabs..

If you know people in the know? pass this on...
First step to change the CLOSED dates to one month longer ( to Sept 31 instead of Aug 31)..
2nd step increase the catch size? It is the mature or bigger crabs that will BREED and even create Bigger kona crabs...
3rd.. Maybe Stop kona crabbing for a few years .. let the population grow back? open for a year ..closed for two? or three? or more?

Just my thoughts..most of you are shoreline fisherman.. but one day.. you may have a friend with a boat?

Aloha,'s growing..eating more... less and less catches each year... expect it...!

Re: Kona Crab..FYI

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:55 pm
by kona-ulua-style
Sharing a story... when i was in the 7th grade... my Mom sent me to Kauai to stay for the summer at my Uncle house in Poipu..

Got a chance to go out with him and few of his friends...Kona Crabbing... ( i just watch)... every setting was hand pull ..each person taking turns.. Huge Kona Crabs on each net..

Later i learn..My Uncle was the first to catch Kona crabs in Kauai... tried to sell them..NO one knew what Kona crab
off course the rest is history... as people learn how good it tasted...

So when i move to Kona...and a very good friend invited us to dinner ( Kona crabs) ... i mention they look small ...he was surprise because he had been catching Kona crab for years..and consider what he had was


Re: Kona Crab..FYI

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:55 am
by 808kutb8
Interesting story. Shifting baselines. Back in the "good old days" the fish were in general, larger and more plentiful compared to today. Today's generation, this will be their "good old days". To bad.

Re: Kona Crab..FYI

Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 5:07 pm
by kona-ulua-style
Reason? ...after the World War 2 ended... Everyone in Hawaii went fishing..the shoreline became open...

Fishing was plenty 1956 Dept of Fisher's knew how deleted our shoreline fishes became...(just about everyone was selling fish)..
so they introduce about a dozen other species..only three survive today, Toau,Roi and Taape..

As long as commercial fishing of shoreline fishes is will always be on the decline... Even to this day..Commercial fishing of shoreline has NO LIMITS.. only recreational fisherman is limited and blame..
State of Hawaii ..Need to stop the shoreline commercial fishing ..NOW!

2:..allow best breeding size or slot limits for many shore line catches under and over slot limits..

If you ever get to see the commercial catches from 1945 to present..You will know for yourself... Funny i call Docare and DLNR..No one knows or ever saw these commerical catches the tons, and on a graph.. (shown to us at a fishing meeting in DR Watsh..a long time ago..