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Hoop nets

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:18 pm
by jeblkfiveo
Just wondering if hoop nest are illegal here on Oahu? I used to use them to catch lobster in San Diego. I was riding my bike today and seen a guy using a net to catch something over by the old navy ships. Looks like a good spot to catch crabs. Thanks in advance.

Re: Hoop nets

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:04 pm
by ulua2002
Do not eat any crabs caught in westloch or any near those ships. In the past, the military used alot of toxins to clean their ships. The water may be contaminated. The state posted warning signs all over pearl harbor concerning contaminated fish and shellfish. You may end up glowing after consuming them. hehehe :o :lol: :roll: