Beads and menpachi fishing?

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Beads and menpachi fishing?

Post by kona-ulua-style » Mon Mar 23, 2015 7:11 pm

Menpachi fishing is very popular here on the Big island, lots of fishing spots...menpachi can be found almost everywhere... just some spots are harder to get too, private land, close off, gated property, Yet there are many places still

Have you heard of fisherman using only "beads" for night time menpachi fishing? ... it use to be the glow bead ( green glow ones) ...than red beads, now I heard some guys are using a silver color bead to catch menpachi's...

Using one silver bead just above the hook eye, ( bare hook only)... Ace hardware in Kona carry's these silver beads..( approx. size is like a BB pellet -round balls...I am told this is the size one should look for...?

Another one I heard, cost $50.00 ( red beads ) ... from Japan... not sure of size or what it looks like... but heard they are landing lots of menpachi's...

Last week it was zero for me... next time I will try these silver beads, and the next time I will bring more different menpachi lures too...

Some places...all you need is a handpole, others it is better to go whipping, 6-8 test mainline, reels to match, prefer 9 foot to 12 foot spinner rods, ( steel head class of rods- fast taper too).. Common size reels is 3000, 4000 and 5000...high speed is better too..

Lead shapes: common is the egg ( 1/2 oz ,,3/4 oz and 1oz) same for the torpedo lead, bank shape lead is use too- some say give youdifferent movement ..? other have use cast masters as the lead ( no hook on cast master)...
Resin ball w/ and w/o lead is use by some, and even the plastic bubble fill with water... same style as daytime whipping?

Aloha, is the retrieveing style ..and finding the dept of menapachi is biting at...not easy sometimes...

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Re: Beads and menpachi fishing?

Post by castmaui » Tue Mar 24, 2015 7:10 am

Kona, Thanks for the post I have had some success using hand pole to catch menpachi but have found whipping challenging. will try the bead theory next trip. Mahalo!!

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