2016 Shimano Nasci C3000HG - 1yr Latter!

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Scuba Chris
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2016 Shimano Nasci C3000HG - 1yr Latter!

Post by Scuba Chris » Sun Sep 10, 2017 2:57 pm

A Great Spin Casting Reel For Anglers On A Budget!

This review took a year to complete. Last year in 2016 i purchased 2 Shimano Nasci spinning reels, the 2500 & 3000 for under $100ea. I spooled 300yd of 5lb Power Pro braid on each (roughly the diameter of 1lb monofilament line). During the past year both units we're paired with Okuma's #792L T-40X Steelhead Spins at 7'9"ea. Light rated for 6-12lb mono using 1/4-1/2oz weight.
For the past year i used both sets day & night spin casting "whipping" off sand, jetties, rocks, reef benches & cliffs using soft grubs for smaller game. I easily accumulated +100lbs of fish on both sets with +100hrs also on each set. I mostly hooked Barracudas, Scads, Wrasses, Reds & Trevallys. Even during the day a variety of reef species we're being caught since the diameter of the braid was thin & hard to see. At night it didn't matter. With these rigs the largest fish i brought in was a 8lb Blue Fin Trevally. My main goal was targeting Scads at night between 8-12in.

After i fish i clean my rigs on-sight using a water filled spray bottle. When i get home i lightly re-rinse the rigs in the shower using warm water spray (warm water permeates better then cold). Also the steam helps. I never subject my rigs to direct strong water pressure as that'll drive the salt into seams & crevices. For 1 year both reels haven't shown any signs of wear or decreased smoothness. Both reels have a "out-of-the-box" look yet. The rods also have no signs of corrosion on the guides.

For being under a $100ea these reels out-performed my Sedonas also by Shimano. If they do get stiffer to turn then a good cleaning is in order. A few months ago my 3K felt "sticky" but i re-greased it (no WD-40) and it's been fine ever since. I prefer the 3K over the 2500, same size bodies but the 3K spool is larger. I haven't tried the 1K or the 5K. I've heard good & bad reviews. A lot depends if you devote time to cleaning your equipment. If you do get a "questionable" unit bring it back to the vendor you bought it from, or call Shimano direct at 1-877-577-0600.


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Re: 2016 Shimano Nasci C3000HG - 1yr Latter!

Post by kona-ulua-style » Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:02 pm

I have a Nasci 4000.... For menpachi fishing..Read great reviews.......found it a ok reel..... a bit awkward to reel...compare to the stradics....also fin.nor 4000.

Because Menpachi bite only the first two hours before it slows down... at the places I fish at ...I will set up several rods..ready to go.in case I get struck on the reefs or lines get chew up...

I got three stradics....old..and wanted a back up reel..got the Nasci.....I should have brought another stradic....lol..... Oh well....

Sorry Chris.....maybe the smaller Nasci are better then 4000? .or my preference differ...
Fishing for Menpachi...light game whipping at nights...from dark moon to full moon...Super fun....often times every cast you will get a bite....sometimes even landing every strike...
Once and while..the Menpachi will bite all night.. You can fill coolers of fish....

Lureds...all kinds... Every one has a flavorite. .....Yamashit clear shimp..either size...very popular today..killers...non glow...
Also the grub..1. 1/2. And 2 inch prizm?...wow for us. Non glow

Reel size? 4000 with 6lb or 8lb lines...10 -12 foot graphite rods...3/4 - 1oz leads..kona side

Sometimes the high surfs..bring bigger catches....we fish from very high cliffs....using lanterns ?..they say brings the Menpachi in...?....we rarely set up any lanterns... A choice here....


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