Sailing Rigs for any and all boats

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Sailing Rigs for any and all boats

Post by vitusthemad » Sat Nov 15, 2008 5:24 pm

Hello all
I know much of the forum involves shore fishing but this is for the Kayakers , canoe paddlers and even motor boat fishermen.
Any boat can be rigged with a sail for emergency power and in sailing talk it is called a "Jury Rig".
Metal conduit in the 3/4 inch siz is enough for a mast and boom for kayaks and canoes and the sail can be hand sewn from any strong cloth.
For motor boats you can store the whole rig rolled up inside a three inch pvc pipe with end caps for the day it will save your life.
With a sail the wind that is driving you away from salvation can become your friend and work you back towards safety.
With a sail...even if exhausted or disabled the wind will effortlessly take you back to shore if the wind it blowing shoreward as it almost always is in
the daylight hours.
Join your local sailing club to learn how to sail! Its easy and it may save you and your crews life!
I love boating..but i cant tell you how many times motors have left me stranded when fishing...theres always wind in the islands bruddah!
Vitus the Mad

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