help me with my rigs

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help me with my rigs

Post by abyssalinsight » Fri Jul 05, 2013 5:59 pm

I've been fishing for a while but I feel like a beginner still. I'm unsure as how I should be making my rigs. I usually whip and baitcast but i'm unsure if my setup is ideal. I'll show examples of what i've been using so far..

----- [mainline] ----- egg lead + (swivel) --- [leaderline] ----- hook + ika strip/strip/fly

----- [mainline] ----- (3 way swivel) ---- [leaderline] ----- fly + dropper knot --- [leaderline] ----- popper
( + ) ---- [leadline] ---- snapper lead

----- [mainline] ----- (3 way swivel) ----- [leaderline] ----- hook + bait
( + ) ---------------------------- [leadline] ---------------------------- snapper lead

How would you rate my setups? Also, is there any sites on how to setup rigs for surf-casting? Thanks in advance!

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Re: help me with my rigs

Post by Roadrunner808 » Fri Jul 05, 2013 10:26 pm

Your set up looks ok. When whipping the length and pound test going determine a strike. here you have to experiment as well as your retrive. Sometimes mixing up your jerking pattern helps as well as slowing down the retrive too. but once again you have to experiment. but if you see a fish chasing dont slow down...jus keep it steady. what i do if i see a fish chasing id give my line an extra jerk and if the fish no bite and you reached the end of your retrive just leave the lure in the water but keep it moving back and forth. i usually do a figure eight motion. oh and i usually start with aound a 10lb leader and if my line breaks during a strike i go up to 12 and if still break i go to 15. You can see the pattern in this one. and if no bites on 10lb i either change the color of my lure or drop to 8lb test. whipping is a lot of experimenting with gear and tech. jus gotta find the right combo. Oh one big key when you using a egg lead and swivel is to put a bead or rubbber gliw bead between the lead and swivel. prevent line breakage. cause every time you cast the lead hit thee knot on your swivel making it weaker and weaker.

As far as dunking. in more sandy and flat rock areas i make the lead line same length or shorter length to my leader line. More rocky grounds i make the lead line twice to three times as long as my leader. but all in all looks like you have the concept. just keep pounding the ground and experiment.

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