Early July Fishing near Kona?

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Early July Fishing near Kona?

Post by AZRed » Tue Mar 08, 2016 9:02 am

Aloha! My family is vacationing in Kona-Kailua this summer, and I’m trying to plan a fishing trip for us. I’m the only halfway-serious fisherman of all of us, but I’m from the mainland and therefore only familiar with freshwater fishing and techniques.

Being that I’m the only fisherman of the group, I would like to go after something where we at least get some nice strikes (and hopefully land some fish) to keep everyone’s enthusiasm throughout the day.

I assume we’ll be chartering out of Honokohau, just to get an idea of location and fishing grounds nearby…

So I have a few questions that I hope someone with more experience can help me with:

1) What is running/biting in early July?
2) How much does lunar cycle affect the fishing? I know freshwater fishing can be heavily influenced, but again, I know next to nothing about saltwater fishing. I’ve already checked the calendar, and our trip will be within a few days of a new moon…
3) Does the time of day affect the bite? It kind of touches back to the lunar cycle, but in my experience, freshwater fishing is best within an hour of the lunar and solar rises and sets. I’m not opposed to night fishing…
4) Do the tides affect the bite? Again, trying to figure out what time of day is going to be the best…
5) From what I’ve read, there are some species and fishing grounds to avoid if we plan on eating our catch, which I do. What and where should we avoid?

Finally, and here’s the loaded question:
6) Any recommendations for a charter boat/captain in or near Kona-Kailua? There will be 4-6 of us, looking for probably a ¾ day trip. I would like to target table fish, and generally I like light tackle, but I’m not the expert here.
Also, I would like to keep my catch. If it’s more than we will eat on our trip, then I would like to freeze it and ship it back home, if possible.

Mahalo for your help,

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Re: Early July Fishing near Kona?

Post by kona-ulua-style » Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:02 pm

Best to google site for Kona charter boats. Note: Some charter boats "do not let you keep the catches...Ask if they do?
2nd expect after paying for the charter to "tip the captain and crew" at least $15-$20 person at end of the day...catch or not.
Prices will varied ...

My suggestion is go after the big fish ...if the bite is slow or none than ask if you can go closer to shore line and catch some reef or bottom fishes and if you can keep them. Small game here.

Ciquatura Poison ( toxic fishes ) is usually shoreline reef fishes, Jacks (Ulua), papios, Roi, or most small shoreline game fishes research this further on google ... Places more towards north of Four Seasons hotel... will have a greater chance of getting 'ciguatura poison)...
We have been eating all the reef fishes we catch from shoreline - in front of Kona International Airport .

Don't worry about Lunar or tides...you trip is already plan. Charter Captains in Kona are Pro's....and they can tell you more than most people what is biting...this can change quickly too.. Tuna's (Ahi), Marlin, Ono -(Wahoo), Mahi-Mahi, will be what the charter boats are seeking... and many times the rats maybe around too..- Rats small ahi,aku, around 10lbs or so..

Nice about Kona, the ocean is deep right in front.. enjoy your time here and let us know how it went?


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