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Fishing Gear SCORES Found At Garage Sales!

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:03 pm
by Scuba Chris
Found New But Used Fishing Gear Today. Score!

Today i decided to check out a garage sale that advertised sporting gear like golfing & fishing equipment. Roughly 90% of the time it's a waste of time & gas. Today though i was amazed to find bottom jigging, trolling, shore casting & hand-made lures from Alaska. Since i mothballed my boat i laid off the trolling rods & conventional reels (4/0's, 6/0's, Jigmasters, Newells). There were old spinners like Mitchells to some large Penns.

For my needs i picked-out a pair of seemingly used Nitro 12' Graphite Surf Casting Rods. After i cleaned off the grease i found them to be mint in new condition. I left the 10' & 8' Nitros behind. The converted Newell sparked an interest but decided on a new 12' Nitro Spincasting Rod in it's bag NEW with the original price tag still on it. By this time a few buyers started to arrive & they all recognized me, so it was my hint on making my departure.

Nitro makes some of the best bait casting, sliding & spincasting rods in the industry. I use a 13ft Nitro Med/Hvy for baitcasting with an Avet Raptor Reel & a 13ft Hvy Nitro for bait sliding. They may be popular rods but are inexpensive & i never had one bust on me yet.

It was nice to come home & clean-up my purchases. I have stored reels BNIB that needed rods to be mated with. This was a great day & the seller was happy with the extra space & Xmas bucks for Christmas. When i was leaving others were piling-up Penn reels & trolling rods. A friend i called was happy to score the 6/0's, 4/0's & a Jig for only $20-40ea with fresh line. Doesn't happen all the time but persistence does pay off once in awhile.