California Kayak Fishermen Concerned About Area Closures

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California Kayak Fishermen Concerned About Area Closures

Post by Brian F. » Tue Sep 13, 2011 9:56 am

Recently, the State of Hawaii DLNR invited the people from California who were instrumental in getting vast areas of CA state waters closed off for a network of marine protected areas (MPAs). California fishermen recently had huge success on a state level opposing some of these areas closures and have a lawsuit pending which says the entire reserve-setting process was illegal.

From Sign On San Diego News:

California State office details concerns about marine protection rules

State office details concerns about marine protection rules

Kayak fishermen are among those worried about losing angling areas off the San
Diego County coast in the wake of a decision by the state's Fish and Game
Commission to expand offshore reserves. — John Gastaldo
The state Fish and Game Commission committed several errors when making rules
for proposed marine protected areas in Southern California, according to
California's Office of Administrative Law.

Those problems, detailed on in a 10-page document signed Friday, include a
failure to provide reasons for rejecting alternatives that were considered,
failure to fully respond to public comments and failure to provide all the
documents relied on for the decision-making.

"Responses are incomplete and inadequate," said the document. "The Final
Statement of Reasons will need to accurately reflect the Commission's reasons
for rejecting these comments."

Click here to read the law office's decision.

The Fish and Game Commission initially planned for the South Coast protected
areas to take effect on Oct. 1, but that date was cancelled when it became clear
a few weeks ago that the law office was not going to process the regulations in
time. The commission is expected to consider a new start date on Thursday at a
meeting in Redding. The delay is expected to be on the order of months, not

For fishing interests, the new details about problems with the rule-making
package supports their conviction that the process was rigged against them from
the start. Some angler groups have sued the state, saying the entire
reserve-setting process was illegal. They will argue their case in Superior
Court on Sept. 26.

Environmentalists have largely supported the package of no-take and limited-take
reserves, which were created under the Marine Life Protection Act of 1999. They
said Monday that the concerns outlined by the Office of Administrative Law
shouldn't undermine the South Coast plan even if it means some additional weeks
or months for the commission to retrace its steps.

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