Manta Rays in the islands May 20th 2012 ARTICLE

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Manta Rays in the islands May 20th 2012 ARTICLE

Post by sea_h20 » Wed May 30, 2012 5:43 pm

Just wanted to share this with everyone as I seen it this past May 20th 2012 but forgot to post. I seen some article concerning Manta Rays in the islands. Not to sure if other seen it but thought I share it with everyone.

With all the talks about Conservation etc. I just wonder at what point will I have to sell my gear or get rid of it since new laws will pass and we wont be able to fish in the near furture.
Just wondering. Everythime I go out fishing I always make it a point to always clean up the place before and after I fish. Never to leave anything behind. I usually bring my own trash bag on every outing. ... g-law.html


Re: Manta Rays in the islands May 20th 2012 ARTICLE

Post by Makule » Wed May 30, 2012 6:47 pm

Always good to be advised of news reports. Thank you.

Conservation, per se, is not a problem. It's the misguided people who do not fully understand the principles of conservation, and ramifications of taking hasty/unreasoned actions in the name of conservation, that are.

That you are a conscious conservationist yourself, by virtue of being aware of, and taking action against, pollution, is commendable. However, that is not enough. You worry about when laws will be passed that make it illegal to fish, and you must actively educate and communicate with decision-makers about what you do and don't do, so that they better understand what's going on. It's not enough to assume that lawmakers know about fishing. To an extent, they don't know about it even though it's all around them. When they hear "expert testimony" from "conservationists", and few (if any) challenge the statements, they have no way of coming to any other decision than to go with what the "conservationists" recommend.

Additionally, one must not wait until the Legislature, County Council, or Congress convenes. One must actively learn about the candidates and then vote accordingly. VOTE. Get involved in the political process because that's how laws are made, and those laws will affect what you can and cannot do, and what your mau keiki can and cannot do. Don't be like the grasshopper who just wasted time, by not doing what needed to be done, when it needed to be done (and then cried when it was too late).

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