Popular parrot fish could soon be off limits permanently

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Popular parrot fish could soon be off limits permanently

Post by f8ldzz » Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:30 am

Although not necessarily a target fish when most of us go fishing, the government is, again, being swayed by the tree huggers...

http://www.khon2.com/news/local/story/P ... eKXZQ.cspx

For the lazy...
The rule change hasn't even been discussed yet at the State Capitol, and already local fishermen are fired up over it.
It's called "Uhu" in hawaiian and it's a favorite fish on many people's kitchen tables.

But, bringing one home for dinner may cost you big bucks.

Bright, colorful and oh so tasty.

"We sell hundreds of pounds a week, if we had it we'd sell even more."

Parrot Fish or Uhu is what's for dinner for many shopping at Tamashiro's Market.

"It's a very popular fish, a lot of people in hawaii, a lot of ethnic groups like it actually," said Guy Tamashiro.

Ferman and Lilian Bantolina love it, they bought two.

But some want to wipe the fish off the menu..."But then the Filipinos go crazy if you ban this, this is good fish yeah."

Representative Scott Saiki says that may be so, but he was approached by conservationists who make a strong case to protect parrot fish.

"Conservationists are afraid there's been over fishing of Uhu," said Rep. Scott Saiki.

He's proposing an outright ban on the taking of Uhu from state waters. Anyone who violates that could face a 500 to10-thousand dollar fine.

"The reason why that's important is the uhu plays an important role in maintaining our reefs, the uhu eats algae and in the proves of that also eats dead coral," said Rep Saiki.

Uhu turn that coral into sand, and that becomes homes for shrimp and crabs.

"Not sure how much support there is for this legislation but it's an important issue that the public needs to be aware of," said Saiki.

Spear fisherman say the move is going overboard.

"I go out diving all the time, and every time I see Uhu's it's not like they are rare," said Ikaika Stricker, fisherman.

"It's a tradition in hawaii for people to get together and eat this fish," stated Desmond.

The bill would basically ban the fish forever, fisherman say why not put a limit instead.

"Maybe lessen the number of Uhu you can catch like 1 per person, or 1 per every five dives or something would be a more understandable and more reasonable," said fisherman Desmond Thain.

A similar ban was also proposed in the state senate, both bills haven't had a hearing yet.

KHON2 will keep on eye on how this plays out.

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