Penn Senator 113HL Conventional Reel!

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Scuba Chris
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Penn Senator 113HL Conventional Reel!

Post by Scuba Chris » Mon Jan 02, 2017 8:16 pm


Mono:30lb/440yd 40lb/370yd 50lb/270yd

Braid:50lb/925yd 65lb/750yd 80lb/650yd

Penn started the Senators back in the 1960's. This unit went into production from the late 1980's to 1995. Made in the USA. Since 2009 Penn moved production to China. Here are the stats-

Machined & anodized aluminum spool.
Marine grade bronze main gear.
SS pinion gear.
Convertible power handle.
Heavy duty clicker.
Max drag-20lbs/9.0kg.
Gear ratio-3.25:1.
Bearing count-2.
Retrieval rate-26in/66cm.
Braking system-Mechanical.
Drag type:Star Drag.

Conversion kits are available for shore casters.

Mistakes in Video-
1)I mentioned this unit came out in the late 1800's, i meant the 1980's.
2)I also mentioned that Penn started Senators in the 80's, i meant to say the 113HL started in the 80's (Senators started in the 1960's).
(I always do "fist takes" for my videos. This can mean mistakes are made from time to time)

My backing is 150yds of 65lb Jerry Brown braid.
The top shot is 230yds of 50lb Trilene Big Game clear monofilament.
Total of 380yds of line. Awesome!

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Re: Penn Senator 113HL Conventional Reel!

Post by LuisFisher » Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:20 am

A nice reel, I will try one next week. :D

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Re: Penn Senator 113HL Conventional Reel!

Post by kona-ulua-style » Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:09 pm

The original penn 4/0 you can find these on EBAY... made in America... anything with a 2 on the end (113-2) is made in China..

You may want to look a the new penn 113 Made in piece spool black side plates /silver color reel..Newest from Penn..and it says MADE IN America..

Check out the Penn squalls also...nice reels too...

Penns Senators are a great work horse reels and they can a lot of punishment and abuse...Parts are easy to find..

Just my thoughts here.. there are a few upgrades for the older Penn senators, 4-1 gears, tiburon frames, boca bearings brakes, etc..


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