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Help support fishermen and businesses who support our local fishing community.

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Post your business/service here

Postby ForumAdmin » Tue Apr 25, 2006 4:44 pm

This forum will help boost the Hawaii fishing community (local businesses and services only). To make sure nobody is posting bad information, I am making this area \"locked\" so only the administrators can add posts.

Email to promote your business or service... Donations are always welcome to recove costs associated with running this site. Try it out first before you donate anything... If you see a definite increase in traffic/business, feel free to donate. If you dont see anything in return then no worries. Hope this will help our local businesses who support our fishing community.

Fishing season has started so I will be busy fishing and trying to score points to go fishing... It might take up to a week to respond to emails. Thanks for all the support!!!

Mahalo! --ForumAdmin...

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