2nd Annual MWlures T&R Invitational Tournament

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2nd Annual MWlures T&R Invitational Tournament

Post by mw » Sun Jun 22, 2008 12:09 pm

Mark White Lures 2nd Annual Tag & Release Invitational Tournament
August1-September30, 2008

This tournament is an invitational statewide cyber-event for fishermen who use Mark White Lures. It is being sponsored again this year by the DAR and PIFG.
A Kayak, One Man Canoe and Stand Up Paddle Board category has been added. Any of these platforms can be used to catch fish whipping.
You will need to take clear pictures of your catch with lure and tagged fish ready to swim. If you use a paddle-powered vehicle, take a picture that includes part of your rig and use a waterproof camera for this division.

Entries will be taken any time.
The entry fee is $20 and includes a white MWLures logo long-sleeve T-shirt.
Please send your check for the entry fee with your email address and shirt size to:
Mark White, 3816 Omao Rd, Koloa, Hawaii 96756.

There will be men's, women's, and paddlepowered divisions in the following categories:
1. Biggest Ulua
1b. Biggest Papio under 10 lbs.
2. Most Papio
3. Most unusual fish
4. Largest fresh water fish
5. Most fresh water fish. (No tagging for fresh water fish.)

Winners will receive a MWlure made especially for the event. There will be random drawing from entrants for additional prizes to be announced at end of tournament.
You will receive a Release and Indemnity form that you will print, fill out and sign and mail to me along with your entry fee. email info@markwhitelures.com
I will forward your info to the DAR with your request as a new tagger or one who is already part of the program. There are only a limited number of kits for new taggers so register asap.
This process incorporates the skills of good fishing techniques, photo journalism, and marine biology. Not an easy formula for success by any means. I do this process myself to inspire and educate other fishermen and learn how to be a better lure maker. I hope you will all have a safe and fun time and I look forward to the recording of your catches using my lures.

You will need a computer or a friend's to send email pix or you can mail photographs to Mark White at 3816 Omao Road, Koloa, 96756. You will need to register at Hawaii Fishing Forums to post your results. http://www.ulua-fishing.com/forum/index.php?f=34
Also You will also have to set up a Photobucket accout. This site will hold pictures and turns them into code that when copied and pasted to new posts in the mwtourny thread, makes it all work. Go to http://photobucket.com/ and open a free account. Once you have down loaded your photos to your computer, then I drag them from the photo album on your computer onto the desk top. There may be easier ways to do this so let me know so I can pass it on to the the rest of the participants. Once the pix are on the desk top, then go to the photobucket site and click browse button. Then find the pix and click it. Next push upload. Next you have to generate an html and image code and copy it and paste it to the forum for the tournament. Now there are 5 choices, copy the 4th and paste it on the new post under catches at http://www.ulua-fishing.com/forum/index.php?f=34. Click new topic and add your info. Preview it and don't forget to add all the pertinent info. leave out the exact local. North side Kauai, good enough. If you have trouble posting I can walk you through the process.

When you are fishing for the tagging process to work, you need to be organized. You have to have your tagging materials handy and a bucket or a tide pool to keep the fish alive and thriving for the release. A glove is necessary and a pair of pliers to take hook out of the mouth safely for you and the fish. Do this like a surgeon. You have to handle small Papio carefully so as to not injure the little guys. Papio under 9" do not survive the tagging process well, so just photograph them with lure in mouth if possible.
Ulua are a lot easier and can stay out of the water longer and still get tagged and released effectively. Timing is everything in tag and release fishing. Make sure you handle your camera carefully and don't drop it in the water. They don't dry out well after submersion in salt water.
The purpose of the tournament is to focus attention on the need to protect the near shore species to build a better resource for the future and to find out which colors and sizes are the most productive island by island. Big Mahalos to all the users of my lures. Aloha, mw

17" to the fork Omilu caught May 17 at 10:57a.m. on a 1 oz. white/black eye

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