How To Tie Dual Snell Knotts!

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How To Tie Dual Snell Knotts!

Postby Scuba Chris » Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:35 pm

Always good to tie dual tandem leaders ahead of time. In this video I use Mason 50lb monofilament as my leader line. Hooks are BKN#18 Circle Hooks that are factory off-set. You can use whatever brand or pound test you need depending on the species you target & the areas you fish in.
I vary how i start & finish my tandem set-up. Also setting-up a work station helps. Casting 2 baits will limit your normal casting range of 1 bait. Weight & air resistance are the issues. To counter these effects use braid rather then mono. The thinner line has less air resistance. Cut your baits more "streamline" in shape. I use Shimano Ultegras that incorporate X-Ship & Line Layering to help cast further. Also Breakaway Cannons with fixed spool reels can give 10-30% longer casts.
I've fished since i was 10. If properly tied you won't suffer knot problems. Good luck & stay safe.

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