A Proven Leader For Big Fish!

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A Proven Leader For Big Fish!

Postby Scuba Chris » Sun Aug 06, 2017 8:22 am

As a former commercial fisherman i can say crimped leaders are much more dependable then tying knots for thicker fishing line. But slightly more costly. But if done correctly it does give the angler a higher percentage of successfully landing that giant. I'm going to share how to crimp a very strong dependable crimped leader that i used for +30yrs. Also how i crimp my regular leaders as well. Also some seldom showed extras.

At time frame 10:46 i'll show how to add a Flemish Eye. Great for using lighter line (when line visability is an issue for clearer water or fish that are sensitive to thicker lines).

At time frame 12:15 i'll show how to use a lighter to help hold those giants (sharks, groupers, marlins & tunas).

At time frame 13:25 i'll show how to crimp the most dependable & strongest crimped leader that has held multiple 300-800 Blue Marlins to 12-14ft 1/2 ton Tiger Sharks (which i release from live baiting).

Also how to add chaff tubing when needed and how to combine everything mentioned to create a leader that you can depend on.
The crimped leadering system can be used for the shore/surf caster as well as the troller. Line can vary from cable, wire, monofilament to fluorocarbon. I really don't recommend using mini swivels, if you're main line & swivels are of lighter grade then you're better off tying everything.

These suggested rigs are used by some commercial fishermen & can also benefit the recreational angler as well. I learned my craft diving, netting, bottom fishing & trolling the Hawaiian Islands as a commercial operator. I've piloted boats in fishing tournaments to canoe races.

I hope this information will help you hold onto your next big strike:)


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