Concrete for weights..?

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Concrete for weights..?

Post by kona-ulua-style » Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:23 am

This is nothing new.....cheaper then lead....does not fly far..and sinks a bit slower...cost of lost is smaller..

I use concrete for my dunking poles...we do not need to cast far on kona side..many spots are off a small cliffs and water gets deeper near store...

We use a three oz cups ..extra large paper clips...quikcrete...with gravel.....paper clip are push in near cup lips..easy for tying..

Found this still too I purchace a bag of 1/4gravel stones..Lowe's hardware..added 1/4stones to the quikcrete pre mix.....almost double the weight...

You may have adjust amount of 1/4 gravel to. To add to fit your needs...

Kona grounds has lots of smooth round flat type of stones.....everywhere...we zip ties the stones..and cast these stones for weights.........small game dunking.....reef

11 inch zip ties... My postal scale broke...order one on get the weighed stones I want to use...

Not sure if the concrete fish taste better then the stone ones..? Cannot tell the difference..? Um?


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