Lead line

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Lead line

Post by acharlie808 » Wed Aug 20, 2014 11:41 pm

Hey guys. I just wanted to know how long you guys make your lead line or your hook line to be? Is it the same for sliding and bait casting or different. And also how long of line you use for whipping. Thanks guys I'm new to here so please help me out

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Re: Lead line

Post by kona-ulua-style » Thu Aug 21, 2014 3:53 pm

Swing casting: lead line is from the tip of the rod to reel seat, can be longer or shorter.
Slide rigs are about 4-5 inches of wire between buckle and hooks, some people prefer longer and may have different lengths, for more than one slide.. today we try to make only one slid and recast often, except for midnight slide...hence only one size for our slid hooks.

Bait casting; For sandy shores , an inch or two for lead lines, with 2-3 foot bait/leader/hook line....or 3-4 foot lead lines and about 1 feet bait.leader hook lines.. depending on the terrain is sandy or rocky or how we feel at the time..lol

Bait casting: most the fishes that is out there , are bottom feeders...reason for the shorter lead lines...

Sliding on the Big Island or any rocky / reef spots...longer lead lines is the prefer methods.....

You will hear of toilet paper / nail style rigs to make super long lead lines...Do not go in that direction, it apply to only a very, and I mean very few spots..in Hawaii..

To become successful is to copy successful fisherman, watch how they make there rigs...

Whipping for small game: our lead is at the tip of the fishing rod, and leader with hook/scroungers is to the reel seat.. Halalu: requires at least the rod length or longer leaders if there is casting room...

Always keep it simple...simple is proven ...

..and there will be times to try new, or different methods...in the same fishing spots...your style may work today, and tomorrow it may require something different...longer or shorter lead lines, same for using different size hooks/bait/etc... fishing is easy...catching it harder...lol

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