Molokai boating incident

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Molokai boating incident

Post by eatfish » Thu Dec 11, 2014 6:43 am

After hearing about the latest news of the incident with Molokai residents boarding, robbing, harassing, and threatening, it brought back memories.

I fished Kalaupapa, and the Molokai sides a handful or more, and also the Big Island, but always as an invited guest on all occasions and I understand how Molokai is very reliant on their oceans for survival. And they should protect it, but to a certain extent. Boarding someones boat is dangerous and reckless. There has to be other ways.

Now these guys are looking at possible jail time. Was it worth it? Maybe if it got the word out to boaters that Molokai is very protective, or maybe boaters will bring firearms in the future.

Trolling far off of islands should be fair game, but entering shorelines should be Kapu unless invited. It is a shame that islands are being over fished, but we should use non violent ways, but effective ways to protect our waters. I have had encounters myself with outer islanders coming to my home land and give us problems while fishing.

I wish I had the answer and I know that the DLNR is difficult to work with, at least with my experience on Oahu, but we have some active writers on this forum that have creative minds and may have some suggestions.

Peace my fellow fisherman and Happy Holidays!

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Re: Molokai boating incident

Post by f8ldzz » Thu Dec 11, 2014 9:56 am

There is proper process to take care of this kinda stuff properly.
To make your own rules and enforce your rules onto others is just plain vigilantism.
This is the County of Maui, under the State of Hawaii, under the United States of America.
I hope they get prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law.

We don't all go enforcing our personal set of values and morals just because we disagree with what the next person believes in.

This is the year 2014, right?

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Re: Molokai boating incident

Post by kt » Thu Dec 11, 2014 10:13 am

I agree...throw them in jail! Nothing but a bunch of punks. They don't own the ocean and to board some strange person's boat and start harrassing them and robbing them, thats not protecting the resource; thats strait bullying and stealing.

They would have gotten a whole lot farther if they simply went up to them and warned them. Once they started to board the other person's boat (most likely without permission) and started to harrass, assulting, and rob, they (the punks) are GUILTY! They are not fishermen, they are loser criminals, end of story. Dump them in jail.

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