Keahole Airport

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Keahole Airport

Post by melkapule » Sun Jan 29, 2017 7:45 am

Can someone tell me how to get to makai side of Keahole Airport? Do I just drive through OTEC road?

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Re: Keahole Airport

Post by kona-ulua-style » Tue Jan 31, 2017 4:45 pm

There is two ways to get in front of Kona international airport.. to fish... NO more opening road from OTEC side anymore...

1st way is thru the State park road north of the airport...take this almost to the beach... you will see intersection ..right side lock gate.. thousand of cars park along the know you reach this near intersection..
left side a gate about 100 feet in.. this 4x4 road will take inside to the airport areas..

Hours to left gate open approx 10:00 am and closes.? i say around 5:00 or so? not really sure of closing hours..
2nd way (Open 24/7) is near airport RED Radar tower... Note: stay left side on top of the hill (go left around the high spot)..first section ..stay on the left going down..and right going up.. VERY ROUGH THIS SMALL SECTION...once you reach the bottom...take right fork...this will follow the runway fence till turns left..and will take to the beach areas..from here you can go right or left.. ( If you see a engine block along side of this road at the top near are in the correct area..

Best spots to fish? UM... Rare for Uluas to come up..but small game action is really good..especially with Hand poles..

and has a few good Menapachi spots..

Please always take your rubbish keep this area clean...Mahalo's

We have been fishing in front of Keahole airport when it was call Keahole airport, for over 30 plus years..trees were only one feet high when i started fishing there..

Wish i could take you Ford ranger broke a rear axle..may take a while before i can replace the rear end...

A stock Toyota can make it in ... Safe and rarely crowded .. one can always find a spot to fish and camp...


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