Strangest Places You Have Ever Caught Fish

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Re: Strangest Places You Have Ever Caught Fish

Post by alamoanakali » Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:22 am

chubbyguy wrote:Yup me the early 90's Walking home from central intermediate along vineyard I saw some guys catching halalu and good size papio and the water was only like 4 feet max... Crazy LoL
This is some crazy s*** cause I went to central intermediate in the 90s too and always wanted to fish in that stream but was too scared cause of all the trouble makers that use to hang out in the area. :x

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Re: Strangest Places You Have Ever Caught Fish

Post by pacificblue6 » Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:54 am

In the 70's, I was just learning how to fish and visited Maui with my dad. We visited Kahului harbor and at the end of the pier it was packed with fishermen. They were catching was looks like baby Kawakawa about 12 inches long with swiggly lines on the back and sharp teeth. They were using this wire rig with a torpedo lead on the bottom and rubber strips for bait. Drop it down to the bottom and reel it up fast and hanapaa one after another. It was unreal guys were filling up their 5 gallon buckets with fish. I wasn't catching anything, until a local man gave me a rig and taught me how to fish. I ended up with 12 Kawakawa that day.

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Re: Strangest Places You Have Ever Caught Fish

Post by Stshawaii » Mon Feb 03, 2014 4:07 pm

Well it's not the strangest place but you would never expect catching Oio up too no joke up to 10 #'s huge weke and a few small ulua all under 15#'s ok ready...! In front of Fort Derussy Museum along the sidewalk where the Two side walks meet set up next to the bench go down the beach with sand spikes and dunk in the channel about 20-30yards out . This place has its down falls. with tourist asking all kinds of question about what your catching ... But safe got military police patrolling the area most were pretty cool and always asked if we caught anything then went about their way..ohh and you might not believe me but I had my jig master spooled on two different occasions ohh BTW. this was all nighttime ...! Fish the incoming tides and use fresh tako leg skinned. And look out fo the ding-a-ling tourist not paying attention walking in da sand and don't notice Two 12foot poles in front of them was a lot of fun!!

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