British Navy Officer arriving

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British Navy Officer arriving

Post by navybloke » Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:16 am

Hello all, an introduction is in order first. I'm a British Royal Navy officer and I've just found out (48 hrs ago) that I'm being posted for six months to Oahu, of all places! I'm a lifelong angler and recent convert in the last two years to kayak fishing, mostly in fresh water but a bit of salt as well. I'm ridiculously excited at the prospect of six months on your beautiful island, and buying a cheap but seaworthy 'yak is right at the top of my 'to do' list once I've found out where I'm living. Naturally, I've got a million and one questions. A few of the top ones are:

- What's the used kayak market like in Oahu? I've heard of some rental companies selling off old stock but I'm genuinely happy with something that has a lot of miles on the clock, as long as it's seaworthy.

- Long-held ambitions are to catch mahi mahi and oio, and if I can do this from a 'yak then I'd die a happy man. I know they're both feasible, but I'm arriving in Aug and staying till Jan '19. Are they both realistic throughout the period? And how far offshore can you expect to encounter mahi mahi?

- In general, how is the winter for shore and 'yak fishing? The fishing season charts I've read say 'fair' for mahi mahi and other species through the winter, but they're clearly only the most general of guides. It would be good to get an idea of what 'fair' means from those who live it.

- Gear: I'll be bringing a lot. Generally 4-piece travel rods, from 10-40g freshwater bass and light shore fishing kit, to 12-20lb class and 30-50lb class boat rods. Saltwater spinning reels (PENN) spooled with braid from 10-65lb. Flouro from 6-100lb. As many lures as I can carry. Pliers, boga grip, PFD.

- Camping: my thing in Great Britain is weekends away, camping by the lakeside / shoreline with my sons and fishing early and late. Generally, the campsite looks like a war zone, with rods and kit scattered everywhere. That's easy in Britain as not many people do it and we're left alone - but there are places where I'd never dream of doing that with my sons, from a security perspective. Is it a realistic option in Oahu?, lots and lots of questions. I'm really stoked about the thought of coming out there, and still have five months to wait! I look forward to perhaps meeting up with some of the anglers on here, who could maybe take a short time to show this Brit just how you do things in the Pacific. All the best. John

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Re: British Navy Officer arriving

Post by kona-ulua-style » Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:53 pm

Consider buying the Hobie kayak..with the foot of the better kayak for fighting high winds and currents...
Always carry a EPIEB...
Hobie kayak is one more costly kayaks...what is your life worth....?
Wider kayaks are more stable....but catches more winds.....vs the more narrow kayaks...
Be smart and do your homework....Hawaii Each location or spots..will have its own challenges...

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